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Avila College 
Alumni Magazine 

Fall, 1976 ☆ Vol. 3, No. 3 

PuO^Ped three times a year by 
Avila College, 11901 Wornall Road, 
Kansas City, Missouri 64145. 

Telephone (816) 942-8400 

Avila College 


Alfred J. Blasco 
Chairman of the Board 

Sr. Mary Laurent Duggan, Sr. Olive 
Louise Dallavis, Norman P. Gordon, 
Ole C. Jensen, William D. Webb, Vita 
Goppert, Julian Knopke, Sr. Mona 
Marie Buergler, Sr. Helen Zambrowicz, 
John McKelvey. 


G. Richard Scott 
Academic Dean 

Dean of Students 



Business Manager 

Admissions Director 
Alumni Secretary 

Director of Public Relations 



In this issue: 

Campus Map 

Autumn Weekend 
Message from Mary Jo 
Alumni Donors 

. . . 4 
... 5 
... 6 
... 1 

From the President 

Dear Alums, 

Thank you for the success of the 
annual solicitation drive. Once again 
you have surpassed your previous 
record, as 540 additional donors 
remembered their Alma Mater. 1257 
alumni contributed $25,221. 

This number represents 34% of all 
our alumni and is very good. But 
we need to push for more partici- 
pation for Avila. As you give, so 
will business and industry and this 
is especially important now as we 
begin the fund drive for the new 
library building. A goal of 100% 
cooperation seems impossible, but 
we are led by dreams of the 

Enrollment is up— 1841 students 
this fall, 141 more than fall of 
1975 and we are operating with 
a budget of $3, 1 50,000. 

So, please continue to support 
Avila with your good will. Come 
back to Homecoming and let us 
see you. Let us say "welcome 


Sister Olive Louise, CSJ 


Students stroll in the fall sunshine 
on campus near Marian Centre, 
which houses the cafeteria, the 
student centre, the snack bar and 
game area, and the bookstore. 

According to the architect's rendering, 
the new library building will be 
similar in style to Marian Centre. 

Come, see all the changes at Avila. 



Enter Rid«way here 

Enter Hodes here 
(lower level) 



1 O'Rlelly Hall (Academic) 

2 Blssco Hall (Administration and Library) 

3 Marian Center (Student Canter) 

4 Carondelet Hall and Hodes 
Education Center (Dormitory) 

5 Ridgway Hall (Dormitory) 
and Art Education Center 

6 Foyle Hall (Chapel and 
Faculty Residence) 

7 Goppert Theatre and Borsertne 
Nurse Education Center 

A Future Library 





Have we got a weekend planned for you when you return for Homecoming 
this year. There's a tour of "old campus" on Friday evening, a family 
day Saturday on the new campus, culminating with a Mass and Brunch 
on Sunday morning, and two vocal concerts on Sunday afternoon. 
October 22, 23 and 24 will be great days for the alumni and their guests. 

For the first time. Homecoming ceremonies will include both alumni 
and students, so as to encompass all facets of Avila's population, 
according to Geraldine Sulzer '55, and her student co-chairman, 
Christopher Herring 78. 

Leading the schedule of events will be a welcome back to "old campus", 
St. Teresa's at 5600 Main, from 7 to 10 p.m. on October 22. Former 
faculty members will be on hand to greet you, refreshments will be 
served, and at 8 p.m., Avila students hope to take you back a few years 
as you watch their nostalgic program in the auditorium. 

^Saturday, the day on new campus, promises something for everyone, 
beginning with a fashion show in the Goppert Theatre at 11 a.m. 

At noon, luncheon will be available in Marian Centre for those of you 
who wish it. 

From 2 to 3 p.m., the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet invite you to 
visit their residence, Foyle Hall. 

At 3 p.m., get ready to root for Avila during the powder puff football 
game with Rockhurst on the Avila field. There will be half-time entertain- 
ment, and rides and games for the kiddies. 

At 5 p.m., bring your family to the barbecue in the grove ($2.00 per 
person), and that's not all. The open air polka party starting at six will 
keep you stomping until 10 p.m. 

On Sunday, October 24, will come the serious highpoint of the gathering — 
Mass in Foyle Hall at 9:30 a.m. Brunch in Marian Centre from 1 1 to 12:30 
will follow, wherein the Classes of 1926, 1951 and 1966 will be honored 
(Brunch is $3.25 per person). 

kChoral recitals at 2:30 and at 4 p.m. in the Goppert Theatre conclude 
the festivities. 

Reservations for any or all events should be made by Wednesday, 
October 20. Please call 942-8400. 

Alumni members of the Homecoming committee are Dorothy Brandt 
Marra '52, Jean Day '71 , Julie Waters McManus '67, Mary Pat Beck '68, 
Mary Ann Caffrey 75, Linda Hageman '67, Katie O'Neill '52, Mary Ann 
Meiners '52 and Moira Fallon 75. 



Dear Fellow Alums, 

A sincere "Thank You" comes first: 

. . .to all our members who were donors and telephone 
solicitors in our recent Continuing Support Drive. This 
year the number of donors and the amount were both 
greatly increased. 

. . .to Geraldine Sulzer and the Homecoming Com- 
mittee. Much has gone into the plans for the 
Student-Alumni weekend. The steering committee will 
evaluate the results of this Homecoming, so if you 
have thoughts on plans for future events, please 
contact Geraldine Sulzer or Tom Lease, Director of 
Student Activities at Avila. 

. . .to Sheila Eikerman and Carolyn Reinhart, co- 
chairmen of the Bridge Marathon. If you missed getting 
into the group this year, plan to join us next fall! 

The College is starting a new project — the long- 
awaited library. Our Alumni Board has voted to designate 
part of our 1977 Alumni Solicitation for this building 
fund. We will be hearing more about these plans 

The Alumni Board decided to hold no Campus Revisited 
this year. We are encouraging our members to take 
part in Continuing Education courses offered by the 
College. If you would like more information concerning 
these classes, please contact Susan Imel, Director of 
Continuing Education at Avila. 

Hope to see you at Homecoming, October 22-24! 

Mary Jo Podrebarac, 

Alumni President 



Alumni were generous with time and money this year, as over 100 alumni 
called others in the Spring telethon, and 1257 members contributed $25,221 
in the annual solicitation drive. 

>ister Rose Anthony Schmitt, alumni secretary, wishes to thank all who so 
'graciously participated in the telethon. She says "It was truly a joy to work 
with such dedicated people." 


CLASS '19 

Helen Stewart Glynn 

CLASS '20 

Helen Walsh Bannister 
Ruth Louise Flater 

CLASS '21 

JHildred Honan Histed 
knne Stewart 

CLASS '22 

Lucile Heinzler Fulton 
Mary Clement Gavin Riordan 

CLASS '23 
Mary Ahern 
Sarah Lorson Hamilton 

CLASS '24 

Mary Lee O'Brien 
Annadele Riley 
Anna May Hogan Smith 

CLASS '25 

Mary Randolph Engstrom 
^Katherine Dierks Hodes 
Maureen Honan Snider 

CLASS '26 

Flora O'Toole Atchison 
Helene Berger Graham 
Mary Margaret Killiger O'Sullivan 
Lucille Smith Putnam 

CLASS '27 

Gladys Grouse Lucas 
Catherine Devers Sullivan 

CLASS '29 
Mary Rose Bell Hewitt 
Marie Stewart Lancaster 
Dorothy Hackett Mathews 

CLASS '30 

Margaret Borserine 
Mary Grace Todd Minnies 

CLASS '31 

Florence Gibson Dempsey 
Marie Murphy Freeman 
Helen Nevin Higgins 
Helen Wedow Hurley 
Harriet Kirby 
Eileen Schorgl 

Mary Elizabeth McNamara Switzer 

CLASS '32 
Trenetta Grogan 
Margaret Jackson Hudson 
Glena Mae Capen Hughes 
Virginia Hogan Murphy 
Kathryn Meiners Ruisinger 

CLASS '33 

Freda Stauch Bowes 

Mary Costello McCallum Connelly 

Clementine Templin Lovett 


CLASS '34 

Marian Fry Hughes 
Virginia Reardon Kopp 
Katherine Gilkeson Leedom 
Mary Louise Mendus Maio 
Dorothy Gamage O'Dowd 

CLASS '35 

Jeanne Kessler Caldwell 
Marguerite Lodde Casey 
Mary Catherine Stanley Ladd 
Marjorie Gleeson McDonnell 
Margaret Franey McMahon 
Jane Dugan Mayer 
Mary Ellen Gavin O'Connell 
Joanne Lester Ottley 
Jo Ann Page 

Mary Margaret Cashin Prussing 
Mary Dusselier Van Keirsbilck 

CLASS '36 

Harriet Sharp Bibo 

Elizabeth Wells Crowley 
Clarita Huppe Doherty 
Helen Egan Gragg 
Mary Jo Keating 
Clara Aylward Kerwin 
Edwina Cunningham McHugh 
Louise Gleeson Modica 
Angie Boschert White 

CLASS '37 

Josephine McLaughlin Alexander 
Shirley Gier Brenneke 
Betty Brown Crawford 
Anne Marie Ryan Francis 
Louise Borzone Graves 
Mary Catherine Higgins Montavy 
Harriette Price Morgan 
Helen Ashe Muenks 
Margaret Klecan O'Connor 
Zetta Cazzell Russ 
Kathryn Kent Saeger 
Florence Byrne Webb 

Delivering a $5,000 check from the Goppert Foundation to match alumni 
giving in the recent solicitation drive are Howard Bunton, vice-president of 
the Goppert Bank and Trust Company, and Vita Goppert (Mrs. C. H.). 
Accepting the gift for Avila is Sister Olive Louise Dallavis, president of 
Avila, and Jeffrey G. Nemens, director of development. 

The foundation matched every new dollar and every increased gift up to 
the amount of $5, 000. 

CLASS '38 

Mary Charlotte West Dyer 
Catherine Aylward Hayes 
Marie Romer Murphy 
Laurelle O'Leary 
ary Jane Gibbons Swain 

CLASS '39 

Mary Ellen Dunn Daly 
Grace Conrad Flemington 
Mary Ann McMahon Ghent 
Mary Agnes Haugh 
Opal Bouklakos Hoffman 
Lillian Daugherty Keating 
Wanda Ligeka Shatto 

CLASS '40 

Lillian Boschert Allen 
Meredith Bruns Blume 
Louise Nigro Dold 
Mary Jane Fitzgerald Eldridge 
Mary O'Connor Ervin 
Mary C. Strub Hanson 
Eleanor M. Higgins 
lucille Smith Holton 
'Betty Koehler Kopp 
Mary Jane Eimer Lynch 
Mary Teresa Klecan McMahon 
Helen Nigro Maggio 
Margaret Green Morrey 
Helen Shea Pfister 
Shirley Hohl Reardon 
Nellie Lu Clark Rice 
Mary K. Farnen Riley 
Rosemary Crahan Robinson 
Mary Patricia Smith 
Mary Leona Doyle Soden 
Mary Carolyn Cavanaugh Stanton 
Teresa Fraas Weber 

Peggy O'Neill Soden 
Marjorie Cordes Vaughn 
Pat Gibson Waters 

CLASS '44 

Kathleen Ryan Bertalotto 

Santa Lococo Bruni 

Martina Burke 

Nan Murphy Finucane 

Sylvia Froeschl Griffin 

Joan Wagner McGonigle 

Margaret Fitzsimons Muckenthaler 

Jo Ann Hickey Vowells 

Marjorie Linville Wald 

Mary Oxler Whitaker 

CLASS '45 

Louise Youngdoff Affleck 
Sister Mary Benedict Bogart, O.P. 
Dorothy Jean Aylward Dunn 
Letty Lou Willis Halvorson 
Betty O'Neill Kelly 
Mabel Prichard Leahy 
Annette Rommelfanger Matheson 
Angelina Messina 
Kathleen Kennaley O'Connor 
Gloria Robertson Ragan 
Patricia Sage Trotter 

CLASS '46 

Janice Neenan Clarkson 
Mary Patricia Lester Cox 
Anna Sue Taylor Downs 
Jeanne Fritton Grant 
Shirley Faubion Jochems 
Louise McNellis Kring 
Marjorie McGonigle 
Mary Jane McGuire 
Mary Carol Burns Mitchell 
Helen Jane Gray Wald 

CLASS '42 

( Mary Golden Donnelly 

[Teresa Kouba 

Lois Romer Poorman 

CLASS '43 

Ann Marie Branand Christian 
Kathryn Batliner Dierks 
Nadine Hofmann Linville 
Marjorie Cowing Lippert 
Helen Dierks Neenan 

CLASS '47 

Carolyn Bottema Adrian 
Patricia Kittinger Bartel 
Helen Heidenreich Campbell 
Catherine Junker Derr 
Margaret Leonard Derr 
Patrice Cashin Donahue 
Rose Marie Carrollo Falco 
Katherine Childs Hake 
Mary Elizabeth Hessel Heiman 
Betty Ritchie Hornstra 


Esther Burke Loschke 
Kathryn Kretchmer Male 
Genevieve Batrick Pharo 
Kathryn McGuire Porras 
Louise Puhr Putthoff 
Geraldine Knopp Scheer 
Marybeth Malsie Swartz 
Patricia Mathews Van Buskirk 

CLASS '48 

Katherine Hodes Ismert 
Mary Lou McConnell Lillis 
Eileen A. Murphy 
Marilyn Clark Myers 
Elizabeth Ann Norris 
Josephine Tidona Privitera 
Ida M. Nickel Singer 
Virginia Michaelis Telecky 
Jacqueline Sedlock Van Buskirk 
Betty Joan Morris Wagstaff 
Mary Jane Winfrey Zerry 

CLASS '49 

Mary Schorfheide Bolin 
Mimi Turpin Fasenmyer 
Patricia Small Flahive 
Gloria Sutter Flake 
Mary Louise Flodes Growney 
Patricia R. Haefling 
Mary T. Kennedy 
Marie Henn Kissinger 
Joan Murphy Miller 
Mary Jo Power 
Maxine Keim Schlichter 
Mary Elizabeth Schutte 
Jean Stephanz 
Frances Stephanz Sutlick 
Catherine Tristanio 
Pat Moran Wenzl 
Joan Geraghty Wilson 
Shirley Brandt Wolfanger 

CLASS '50 

Barbara Bryant Clark 
June Stroot Desaulniers 
Helen F. Drees 
Rita O'Leary Feeney 
Rose Aylward Ferguson 
Patricia Wren Gardner 
Dr. Barbara K. Joyce 
Joan Nikolai Kilian 

Margaret Roady Lin 
Mary L. Ellsworth McKee 
Helen Nugent Ozier 
Mildred Ann Turner 
Dorothy Wempe 
Joan M. Wheeler 
Barbara Luckett Woolridge 

CLASS '51 

Patricia Mauer Baar 
Helen Bessenbacher Colwell 
Lucille Schumaker Connell 
Patricia Jordan Curtis 
Barbara Schmid Dapogny 
Darlene Marie Domann 
Pat Jansen Doyle 
Wilma Shelton Felts 
Regina Carrigan Howard 
Dorothy Junker Hymer 
Dorothy Easterday Lovett 
Florence May McGregor 
Helen Humbarger Maloney 
Flora Lenz Mundy 

CLASS '52 4 

Therese LeMoine Balke 
Jeannette Harrington Callahan 
Mary Rose Johannes Davies 
Mary Agnes Lynch DeLaet 
Bernice Sulzman Hayes 
Mary Kay Watson Huppe 
Rita Treadwell Johnson 
Rosetta Pedicini Jordan 
Dorothy Exler Kelly 
Ann Tomlinson Kozikowski 
Lucy Armijo McBee 
Evelyn Kipping McCorkle 
Ruth Cameron Maring 
Dorothy Brandt Marra 
Mary Ann Ryan Meiners 
Carol Miegel 

Mary Kathryn Campbell Quirk 
Elizabeth Janda Rohn 
Elise Gallagher Tarwater 
Louise Dougherty Williams 

CLASS '53 
Needa Smith Dixon 
Mary Kay Ottenstein Fogarty 
Anne Smith Fritzlen 

Margaret Moeller Griff 
Betty Sullivan Higgins 
Dorothy Helen Hodes 
Gloria Mannino Hoedl 
Mary Ann McLeese Mulligan 
Margaret Reichert Porter 
Teresa Sullivan Quinn 
Julianne Hadel Reichmeier 
Barbara Reitz Schweiger 
Frances Kouba Seis 
Geraldine Dobel Stratton 
Jacqueline Holt Strick 
Margaret E. Wiley 
Ethel Heaton Williams 
Sally O'Gara Wimsatt 

CLASS '54 

Dorothy Alexander 
Marita Lynch Bisaha 
Betty Ziegler Broski 
Barbara Cameron 
Patricia Hess Dashiell 
Joan Kunz Flack 
Mary Ann Gripka Flucke 
Maureen Batchel Gravino 
Marina Cutler Grimsley 
Jean Ann Cannon Jordan 
Jane Pflumn Kelly 
Janet Pflumn Lillis 
Dorothy Clifford Mathews 
Cdr. Madelon M. Perreault 
Patricia Day Pritchard 
Mary Lee Fuerst Rosola 
Helen Shrewsbury 
Mildred Blanck Smith 
Mary Lathrop Stewart 
Jeanne Collins Thompson 
Leona Esther Thoren 

CLASS '55 
Ann Morris Bean 
Barbara Bernhardt 
Patricia Downer Bishop 
Mary Lou Martin Blomster 
Mary Janice Manewal Cornies 
Mary Ellen Boppart Crowe 
Barbara Altman Dowell 
Nilda Fernandez Goheen 
Ann Madden Hodes 
Shirley Mason Hoemeke 

Dorothy Giles Kretzer 
Marylyn Shephard Lander 
Catherine Donnici McCalla 
Mary Jane Weissbeck Murray 
Mary Jo Musick Podrebarac 
Elda Staver Popiel 
Kay Riley Raab 
Marie Gatling Rufe 
Molle Demarais Stueve 
Geraldine Sulzer 
Nina Powell Torrington 
Suzanne Warden Ward 
Rosa Lee Watson 
Dorothy Whitfield 

CLASS '56 

Rita Allen 

Rita McGrann Boyle 
Mary Eppenauer Cearley 
Elizabeth Zimmerman Coon 
Camille Marshall Cowell 
Barbara Schroer Donahue 
Margaret O'Neil Donnellan 
Patricia Gammon Elgin 
Maurine O'Sullivan Fogarty 
Dr. Martha Anne Gail 
Dolores Burch Henzlik 
Margaret Murphy Higgins 
Sister M. Mirabilis Homan, S.F.P. 
Kay McGrath Howa 
Sister Rutilla Hurla, S.F.P. 

Peggy McCoskrie McCarthy 
Mary Ann Rick Messer 
Virginia Miceli 
Gertrude Van Hee Myers 
Mary Ellen Denning Noll 
Antoinette Kopp Powers 
Mary Virginia Hodes Schorgl 
Laura Rose Keithline Smith 
Marilyn Glaze Tobias 
Shirley Sulzer Wasdyke 
Joan Haynes Watts 
Patricia Phelan Zimmerman 

CLASS '57 

Sharon McNamara Chiarelli 
Ann Cattanach Delaney 
Nancy Witherow Downey 
Marilyn Luckett Fleming 
Sallie Rielley Frye 


Barbara Robertson Hankinson 
Shirley Fowler Heilman 
Kathleen Fisher Hoffman 
Mary Agnes Medill Kitchin 
Judy Guerin Kleinschnitz 
Mary Ross Lyndon 
Charlene House Maimer 
Therese Fairchild Mathias 
Teresa Clarke O'Connell 
Maureen White O'Connor 
Rita Kowalczyk Owens 
Carolyn McGrath Reinhart 
Adabooth Smith 
Verna Kerans Spicka 
Jean Jacobson Van Hee 
Patricia Ketterlin Welsh 

CLASS '58 

Winifred Purdome Anderson 
Phyllis Dressier Bukaty 
Betty Vaughn Conway 
Virginia Kopp Coppinger 
Roberta Hafner Courville 
Elizabeth Kline Crawford 
Mary Jo Jedlicka Crowe 
Anna Marie Fitzpatrick Curry 
Mary Eileen O'Donnell Fern 
Ann Craig Francis 
Nancy Fisher Gaskill 
Cerise Heaton Harris 
Margaret Pinkerton Hembree 
Marianne Jacobs Hogan 
Gretchen Teichgraeber Ingram 
Norma Lewis Lavik 
Frances Myers Lehane 
Margie Kleinschnitz Mariola 
Barbara Blasco Mehrer 
Mary Ellen O'Hern Meiners 
Kathryn Gordon Murphy 
Margaret Yonke Murphy 
Barbara Malmberg Nickerson 
Mary Lancaster O'Dower 
Betty Rinehart Riccardi 
Rosalee Saladino Richmond 
Janet Walterbach Rockers 
Elaine Roy 

Margaret Byrne Skuce 
Jo Ann Solomon 
Marianne Geier Souders 
Kathryn Musick Stadler 


Jo Ann Judy Teahan 
Margaret Rae Burkhart Walline 
Tessie Bennett Warren 

CLASS '59 

Patricia Rehagen Bethel 

Carmelita Bergup Bombeck 

Gayle Wagester Bricker— Memorial 

Margaret Ann Chandler 

Mary Sue Brancato DeFeo 

Mary Ellen O'Keefe Devine 

Emeley Perez Gates 

Margaret Walters Gosselin 

Jewell Wilson Herrick 

Mary Loretta McMichael Hittner 

Marilyn Hentges Hodes 

Judith Hedenkamp Hollis 

Fernetta Hobbs Jarrett 

Joyce Asbury Largent 

Claribel Blancett McLear 

Mary Jo Schultz Nemecek 

Joanne Ainsworth Radke 

Marilyn Bequette Ryan 

Marjorie W. Sadler 

Donna Ross Slaughter 

Helen Rutte Stefanov 

Lucile Stratton 

Martha Schmeltz Strobach 

Norma Gunn Szumigala 

Catherine Rutte Waggener 

Charlene Mathews Welling 

Rita Coolick Zahner 

CLASS '60 

Ann Fogarty Fenderson 
Barbara Wiesner Frizell 
Marie Light Gerules 
Patricia Baar Gleeson 
Alice McManus Gorsage 
Margaret Judith Cunningham Graf 
Shirley Bryan Hayes 
Joanne Schlitzer Hentzen 
Barbara Struemph Henze 
Patricia Todd Howlett 
Dana Merli Hughes 
Doris Pringle Jost 
Sue Mulligan Kelley 
Rosemary Cannon Kilker 
Dorothy Eugenia Hodes McCowen 
Judith Gibbons McDermott 
Jean Kostusik McMahon 

Ann Lancaster McShane 
Betty Soetaert Martin 
Jan E. Mathews 
Judith Gleeson May 
Judith Maskill Moore 
dice Bell Myers 
Thelma Preston O'Hern 
Frances Spruill Schilling 
Sara Berkey Smith 
Mary Joyce Huff Soetaert 
Judith Steele Springer 
Margaret Reinhart Stimeling 
Mary Margaret Shine Tarwater 
Sharon Broski Tobin 
Arden Sickman Weis 
Margaret Johnson Williams 


CLASS '61 

Kay Leitner Aguilar 
Linda Hare Arens 
Marcella Bergup 
Anne Wilkins Billings 
Mary Agnes Budinger 
hilippina Hoffman Casey 
inda Layne Darrah 
Rita Ann Davison 
D'Anne Purcell Dreiling 
Patsy Phelps Evans 
Barbara Rush Frawley 
Bonnie Hudson Gunckel 
Mary Joann McLarney Hallett 
Connie Kassick John 
Luvena F. Luckett 
Nadine Radtka McGurren 
Kathleen Kammerer Meiners 
Barbara Field Meyer 
Centella Essmueller Morgens 
Margie Blickhan Ordonio 
Virginia Whitten Pell 
Gay Puester Peters 
Elizabeth F. Schmitz 
ancy Tobin Schorgl 
'Jo Ann Zosso Sunderland 
Phyllis Aggeler White 
Ursula Gastreich White 

CLASS '62 

Letah Patricia Ryan Caple 
Laura DiGiovanni Corley 
Jeanne Hastings DeLay 

Mary Jo Downey 
Alyce Soptick Elliott 
Judith Warren Ford 
Kathryn Fahlstrom Forge 
Lenore Stomp Golding 
Mary Loretta Glenn Gromowsky 
Helen Wagner Hagel 
Judith Pierce Hall 
Anne Breslin Hess 
Mary LaNora Wholey Hughes 
Theresa Rotert Kempf 
Ethel Hamilton Kenerson 
Marieann Altman Koehler 
Joan Bartholome Liston 
Colleen Stribling Maddux 
Kathleen McCarthy Mitchelson 
Sister Barbara Moore, C.S.J. 
Mary K. Wahlstedt Murphy 
Janet Hansen O'Connor 
Phyllis Blasco O'Connor 
Maudell Simpson Perkins 
Kathryn Lewellen Phillips 
Kathleen Marie Rouen 
Jeannie Carter Ryan 
Patricia Durrant Schuller 
Leona Stoll 

Mary Borserine Wickey 
Margaret Hagel Widmeier 
Mary Fa-Tuan Chu Yu 

CLASS '63 

Minou Tey Arbab 
Julia Keeling Baysinger 
Barbara Clark Blickhan 
Betty Ann Booker 
Loree "Pat'' Dallam Breed 
Martha Cutler Davenport 
Mary Jane Davis Dover 
Jo Anne Craig Fanganello 
Joyce Diel Forbis 
Barbara Metzger Frank 
Helen Glenn Green 
Mary Catherine Halpin Hale 
Mary Janice Hennessey 
Gayle Danzo Johnson 
Catherine McMahon Kinnard 
Rosanel Gulotta Kremer 
Jean Lehane Krupco 
Terry Beth Mayer Lewerenz 
Carole Santonello Lombardo 


Mary McLiney 
Karen L. Mahoney 
Marilyn Sterk Nastav 
Patricia Benoist O'Daniel 
Mary Imming Ominski 
Catherine Butler Owens 
Judith Ann Palmer 
Claudia Elliott Perozzi 
Mary K. Prebich Petkovich 
M. Suzanne Richards 
Linda Supancic Riley 
Suzanne Kent Robinson 
Sheila Patricia Rohrer 
Alice N. Rupert 
Rosalie Woydziak Schreiber 
Mary Ann Soligo 
Mildred Logsdon Turner 
Susan Wilkinson Van Keppel 
Catherine luen Willens 
Ellen McWorter Yates 

CLASS '64 

Paulette Chern Agnew 
Judith Pryor Allen 
Catherine Leibach Anthony 
Bette Tobias Betanski 
Kathleen Glennon Breen 
Judith A. Bromberg 
Janice Ann Caulfield 
Marion Manzello Chartier 
Judith Briscoe Dell'Orco 
Rosemary Engel Fahlstrom 
Michaela Sheehy Glennemeier 
Kathleen Irving Green 
Ann LaBonte Hennessey 
Mary Ruth Donnelly Herzon 
Elaine Huffman 
Marie DeGraeve Justice 
Judith Chartier Kitchin 
Barbara Gramlich Kostoryz 
Jesdon Myers Haake McCowen 
Kathryn Heine McIntyre 
Mary Jo McLear 
Maude McMahon 
Judith Kinnard Moore 
Dr. Sharon Morgan 
Mary Agnes Castrop Morrow 
Frances Whitaker Peterman 
Margaret Ingino Plumberg 

Grace Baida Portuguez 
May Salley Ross 
Pamela Puester Runner 
Janet Schmitz 
Mary Michelle Bien Sharp 
Kathleen Bauers Shoufler 
Mary Alice Staggs Strannigan 
Mary K. Schurig Sullivan 
Marcia Kopek Teepen 
Mary Anne Tobin 
Helen Strothers Turner 
Kathy Hegarty Williams 
Velma Love Woodson 
Catherine Ellen Wyrsch 

CLASS '65 

Patricia Adams Armin 
Mary Lou Kelsall Baker 
Sandra Klug Blackburn 
Joanne Lynch Brosnahan 
Martha Jane Munden Carroll 
Mary Evelyn Sullivan Chirpich 
Carol Robinson Collins 
Sue Kettner Conoley 
Cherie Watts Dougherty 
Martha Meagher Downey 
Elizabeth Donnelly Duke 
Theresa Morris Egelhoff 
Sheila McGrath Eikermann 
Frances Minges Engel 
Bernadette Flentie 
Elizabeth Green Hansen 
Susan Jordan Heath 
Alice Brekke Kampsen 
Virginia Munsterman Klein 
Susan St. Clair Laubengayer 
Jacqueline Elmer Lewis 
Jean W. Maurer 
Catherine McClure Muehlberger 
Barbara A. Nickle 
Marietta Parker Nocita 
Mary Kathleen O'Connor 
Kathleen Drozda Pattersen 
Diane Tiehen Schloegel 
Phyllis Ritts Schroer 
Juliann Shepherd Tull 

CLASS '66 

Mary Regina Bond 

Joyce Smithyman Bucher 
Sigora Porter Campbell 
Marie Anderson Ellis 
Patricia Sue Schuepbach Habiger 
^^tricia McAulay Heitschmidt 
^®ncy Whelan Heyns 
Nicola Juricak 
Betty Martin 
Mary Devaney Martin 
Edith Louise Messina 
Sarah Dove Reinemeyer 
Jo Ann Brugaletta Saunders 
Sherilyn Myers Simmons 
Ruth Ann Smith 
Mary Grace Allgaier Sprague 
Martha Leahy Staker 
Rosemary Hayes Stark 
Daniel W. Ulam, Jr. 

June Wegener 
Susan Spano Witte 

CLASS '67 

^tergaret Donehue Anderson 
^Paith Lane Arnold 
Patricia Palmer Bauer 
Anne Caffrey Cooper 
Susann Davin 
Georgiana Hearden Elias 
Susan Carver Erdelen 
Mary Kay Steiner Farrow 
Helen Zimmerman Haglund 
Roxana Kirk Howe 
Brenda Wood Isom 
Phyllis Fehrenbach Kadle 
Ann Linton Kilpatrick 
Roberta Lancaster 
Carol Vandegraft Lindberg 
Julie Waters McManus 
Julianne Dold Maxwell 
Elizabeth Buckner Norton 
^tery Holland Schmidt 
^ithryn Saunders Stovall 
Janet McCullough Taylor 
Doris Van Hee Thayer 
Patricia Hunt Thorpe 
Diana Marie Travalent 

CLASS '68 

Mary Pat Beck 

Marilyn Evonne Caulfield 

Mary Susan Doherty Conlon 

Mary Kathryn Conry 

Karin Hayes Cooper 

Carol Stipetich DeFeo 

Karen Steinmetz Goellner 

Mario Ayer Gould 

Marilynn Koehler Gramlich 

Edna Katherine Hamera 

Margaret Mary McCabe 

Kathleen Flynn Mendenhall 

Ann Faughnan Ronchetto 

Bettye Cobb Rosenthal — Memorial 

Geraldine O'Leary Schermoly 

Sheila Murphy Smith 

Susan England Smith 

Marjorie Owen Stone 

Patrice Hurley Turner 

Jane Waters 

CLASS '69 

Martha Rupp Aldenderfer 
Mary Terese Frank Anderson 
Patricia Bartholome 
Linda Sturdivan Chamblin 
Eileen Moone Gatliffe 
Marjorie Benedum Hall 
Jeanne Oades Hokanson 
J. Beverly Hund 
Kathleen Paradoski Jamboretz 
Mary Patricia McCarthy Laubinger 
Patricia Jones Mclntire 
Angela Zappo McNamara 
Lucile Levesque McNamara 
Patricia Phillips Perusich 
Marcia Hood Reidy 
Vicki Hapke Saviano 
Margaret Ann Schmidt 
Mary G. Schroepfer 
Rita Martin White 
Jeannette Eastwood Wienecke 
Cynthia Wolfe 

CLASS '70 

Mary Patricia Ahland 
Jeanne Belnap 
Loretta Knipper Bosley 
Margaret McDonough Couch 
Linda Jones Erwin 


Lila Krabbe Fillmore 
Karyl Keffler Frick 
Kay Harkins Gangel 
Jeanne Kelly Giroux 
Kathleen Hauser 
Sharon Ann Hayes 
Kathleen Eagan Holland 
Mary Margaret Waris Huber 
Rose Ann Kraft Koenigsdorf 
Barbara Ware McConnell 
Noella DeVolder McCray 
Patricia Bleier Markway 
Mary Helen Waters Murphy 
Ellen Daly Peters 
Diane Dallavis Rausch 
Charlotte Louise Recob 
Dorothy Cecilia Reres 
Judy Johnson Roland 
Mary Dixon Stull 
Barbara Eklund Taylor 
Helen Morris Von Bevern 
Patricia Comiskey Walters 
Ethel Rich Weddle 
Karen Green Worth 


Nancy Albin 

Pamela Atwell 

Ressie Brock 

Jean Cooper Day 

Barbara Chamberlin Doebele 

Marilyn Schoenecker Ehrhart 

Christine Molina Frichtel 

Mary Gerke 

Judith Hohn 

Cynthia Adler Hooker 

Mary Horton 

Virginia Kauffman Hughes 
Ruth Keeling 
Nancy Aylward Laux 
Patricia Scherer Lawhorn 
Patricia Shea Legenza 
Mark Lickteig 
Ann Yates McClintock 
Janet Kimball Ogden 
Beverly Renquist 
Charlotte A. Sands 
Fern Schibi 

Mary Ann Burke Smith 
Beverly Jane Hewes Smith 

Barbara Jean Hewes Ventresca 
Kathryn D'Agostino Wachsman 
Nuansamorn Rajatanarvin 


Sarah Irminger Armour ™ 

Roberta Gordon Barton 

Ernestine L. Brown 

Catherine Dreyer Cherry 

Maxine Cook 

Dianne Doyle 

Selina Struben Eberhard 

Marilyn Esser 

Deborah Guelbert 

Patricia Hall 

Susan Sullivan Hodes 

Kathryn Diesko Johnson 

Catherine Michele Kerwin 

Barbara Diebold Maloney 

Kathleen Riggs Noll 

Barbara Odneal 

Sherry Schlitz Ryan 

Velma Showalter A 

Marty Rupp Venvertloh ^ 

Delia Villarreal 

Leona Dreiling Werth 

Mary Clare Harrington Wilson 

Ellen Woodford 


Kathleen G. Bell 
Janet Page Bernstein 
Cindy Nicholson Bichelmeyer 
Jane Adams Brummel 
Captain Terence J. Caldwell 
Karin Spinner Capron 
John Paul Churchill 
Deborah Nickerson Collins 
Janice Luby Cowherd 
Marilyn DeBacco 
Elizabeth Rader Dulaney 
Janet Elaine Faulk 
Rosanna Garcia 
Rose Marie Greco 
Mary Ruth Greenhaw 
Mary Pat Schoenen Harden 
Thomas K. Joyce— Memorial 
Martha Ann Karigan 



Kathryn Marie Kelm 
Mary Teresa Kinerk 
Betty Jo Kinsey 
Michael Ross Knox 
Gary Dean Kottwitz 
Ida Rae Laserson 
ary Catherine Lawless 
Patricia Kalich Maese 
Denise Ring Maliszewski 
David Lester Martin 
Diana Clevenger Martin 
Deborah Frantz Mentgen 
Dorothy Elmore Neumann 
Margaret Ann Reutter 
James L. Sage 
Patricia Ann Schwerdtfeger 
Kathryn "Kay" Thomas 
Geneva H. Thompson 
Catherine Theresa Van Sant 
Lucille M. Verbanic 
Laura Ann Ward 


knn Ellsbury Alberty 
^Beverly Jo Aylward 
Michele Ann Berra 
Linda Kathleen Blickhan 
Marilyn Gay Breitenstein 
Carol Y. Byrd 
Michael Lewis Carnahan 
Sarah Mae Carr 
Sharon Marie Cheers 
Arthur R. Cristwell 
Alexander Delecaris 
Maureen Dwyer 
Christine Evans 
Moira Anne Fallon 
Pola Zenitsky Firestone 
Mary Alycia Gabrish 
Mary Christine Garcia 
Susan W. Getman 
^ June Grossi 
Lloyd L. Hotchkiss, Jr. 
Thelma K. Jackson 
Marguerite Esser Jecker 
Thomas Edward Kingsley 
Patricia Priestly Laughlin 
Kathryn Lynn Luft 
Laura Richter McClay 
Mary Beier McKinney 

Kathleen Kittinger Mannich 
Cheryl Albin Messenger 
Georgine Mary Neuner 
Justine Ann Nolan 
Linda D. Roberts 
Marshall Elliott Schenck 
Birdie Bernice Scroggins 
George John Thomas 
Grace McQueeny Trotter 
Lt. Deborah Ann Tweedy 
Kathleen Hamersky Urie 
Shirley Anne Wendel 
Karen Munson Vespetad 


Vicki Ann Alexander 
Doris Audrey Bell 
Christine H. Bersbach 
Mary Ann Gaughan Caffrey 
Glynn Michael Cooper 
Jessie Bates Cooperider 
Sharon Newill Coulter 
Anne Growney Dunn 
James Edgar Dunning 
Marguerite Shaw Dusselier 
Robert Lee Eads 
Jean Marra Falcone 
Mary Garrity 
Jeanette Marie Ginsburg 
Carol Louise Godfrey 
Mary Helen Heschmeyer 
Allison Bowen Hinton 
Sharon Lee Jacobs 
Janet Flesher Kemerling 
Geraldine Panus Kinerk 
Marcia Anne Kirkegaard 
Ethel Rogers McCoun 
Kathleen McGranaghan 
Patricia Jankowski McKinzie 
Marjorie Ann McMorris 
Rose Mosley Merchant 
Beverly Ann Mosnick 
Vincent Barthel Nelson 
Sheryl Rasmussen Newcomer 
Molly Collier Nickle 
Tommy F. Noel 
Duane Burton Ranstrom 
Elizabeth Gatton Reifsnider 
Leola Reynolds Sanders 
Eleanor Frances Sandy 


Jo Ann Reed Schollars 
Howard L. Schreiner 
Deborah Mary Stacy 
Teresa M. Stadler 
Martha Hazel Weber 
Betty Courson Wise 
Martha Louise Yager 


Beth Elaine Adrian 
Tara Colleen Byrne 
Thomas Gill — Memorial 
Marvin Edward Langford, Jr. 
Class of 1976 


Scott Brisbin 
Teresa Serrano Gorham 
Debra M. Renkoski 


Jean Luetkemeyer 

What's Homecoming for ? An informal 
survey leads us to believe that many 
alumni return to visit with friends, as 
demonstrated by resident sophomore 
Maureen Ronan, cousin of Judy 
Ronan '68. 





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